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Feb. 3rd, 2010

Mountain Eye


Did You Miss Me?

Howdy people, actually person ATM.

I have dusted off my camera & am ready to start snapping pics again. I need to stop putting the things I love on hold.

Snapping pictures starting this weekend. Going to try to do some high resolution processing again. I loved how those turned out.

Mar. 6th, 2007



HDR Attempt 2 (ev ±1)

Here are my attempts from today. I have some learning to do regarding adjusting brightness, color and such but it's all good.

Behind the cutCollapse )

They do jump out at you a bit more but man do the snow images look depressing. I gotta find nicer things to photograph.

Mar. 4th, 2007



First HDR Attempt ±1/3 ev

This is my first attempt with HDR post production.

Here are two images. One that is set to the correct exposure and then the other that is a combination of 3 photos (under exposed, original and then over exposed).

See any difference?Collapse )

I seem more detail with the wood and curtains. Not exactly a stunning subject (large conference room in my building) but the best I can do while at work.

Few othersCollapse )
After really studying the images and comparing them a few things stand out. The HDR version has much more detail and color. Things that seem to have been lost in the shadow or due to a lack of ample lighting are now visible.

Upon further review I see that my bracketing was only set to ±1/3 exposure. I changed it to ±1 exposure. This should change things dramatically.

I will have better things to shoot the rest of the week! I can't wait.


HDR Images

Now that I am getting back into photography I have viewed many images from the different LJ communities I belong to and saw mention about a form of post processing called HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging. What this entails is taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed.

ExampleCollapse )

Amazing right?! And I don't have to buy anything new to do this. My new camera has bracketing exposure settings so I can snap 3/5 quick pictures all with different exposures. I also have Photoshop CS2 which has and HDR script for just this purpose. The technology is quite new and will be refined as it is improved. The tutorial I have read suggests using Photomatix software and I may just get that if photoshop doesn't do the trick. I have just about all the Adobe programs so editing and file management should be a breeze. (Just grabbed Photomatix since it is so much smaller than Photoshop CS2).

One thing that I find difficult about taking pictures is subject matter and position. I need to better develop my photographer's eye. That with light source, exposure, aperture, filtering, composition, post production, etc, etc, it can be quite overwhelming. Sure I can find a great sunset but if I don't include enough of the sky/ground to give it contrast, the picture could be worthless, no matter how much post processing I do.

It is said that for every 100 pictures you take, you get one really good one. So I guess "Snap now, ask questions later!"


Account Change

I have removed my SnappingChicago account and changed ownership of this community. I am now managing it as Avidmind. As the weather gets warmer I will be snapping pictures of the world around me and trying to add them to this community. I have upgraded to a paid account so it should be much easier.

On a side note, I have abandoned the CTA project all together.

Jul. 17th, 2006


CTA Project: Problem

Well the current CTA system is MUCH different than when I used to ride it as a kid. From cloth seats to many more security systems on each train. Of course I picked one of the hottest days of the summer to ride the train system. Needless to say, I was very uncomfortable with the tempature and blazing sun.

I jumped on at Rosemont and took the train down to the Washington subway station. The stations are just as I remember: dark, dirty, windy and somewhat unsettling. I went up topside and popped up just next to the Daily Center. I visited Millennium Park and then returned to the subway with plans to photograph the subway system back towards O'Hare. Well after entering the subway with my camera on my neck, a CTA security person approached me. He asked if I had a permit to take pictures. I was stunned and I told him that I wasn't aware of needing a permit and have been researching this for months and have never come across a requirement to photograph the public transit system. He stated that there is a hefty fine for taking pictures without a permit. I told him that I wasn't aware and put my camera away. Shaken and a bit annoyed, I boarded the train and returned to the Rosemont station enroute to my way home...

I tried to call the CTA help line and was on hold for a long time. I decided to wait until later assuming that a 24 hour train system would have 24 hour support. I was mistaken and have learned that they won't be open until 7am tomorrow morning. More as it develops.....

Once I upload my pictures from my downtown visit, I will post links to them. I fear that the CTA project may end sooner than I planned if I am to foot permit costs.


CTA Project: Blue Line Fire (Downtown)

FYI, one reason I put off riding the blue line last week....

CTA Fire, Derailment Forces Blue Line EvacuationCollapse )

Jul. 16th, 2006


Long Hiatus

It is amazing how I put off this project for so long. I just haven't been able to break away and work on it. Well tomorrow on 7/17 I leave work at 6am and I am just 3 blocks from one of the train stations. I plan on doing the north west branch of the blue line. I will be there for the bulk of the morning rush hour but I don't suspect there will be much of an issue. I hope to visit more lines this week with the kids.

Wish me luck.....

Jul. 8th, 2006


Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a great extended holiday weekend. I am now back into the swing of things and am planning on finally starting phase 1 of my project on Monday 7/10. Now that the Taste Of Chicago is over, patrons of the CTA will return to normal and I can comfortably start what I have been putting off for some time. I did the research and now I have to do the foot work.

Look for updates soon....

Jun. 27th, 2006


CTA Project: Tentative Plans

Wednesday looks like the day I can take the kids on my CTA Project. I think if we take the blue line down from Rosemont to Washington, we can visit Millennium Park for some pictures and then take photographs of the stations on our way back towards home. I am tired of putting it off especially after the last 2 days. I figure it will cost me $15 for 3 all day passes and $3 for all day parking at the rosemont station (weather pending on all of those plans).

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